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Whether it's speaking from the big stage or leading transformational workshops, Susan is a frequently requested event speaker who motivates audience members to think differently, seek solutions, take action, lead with authenticity, and take up space. She provides keynotes and workshop trainings on the topics listed below.

These topics are suitable for women’s organizations and conferences and a corporate audience:
  • The 7 Subtle Signs You’re Shrinking Yourself and What To Do About Them

  • Becoming Your Future Self Now

  • Overcoming Obstacles to Reinvention: How To Work Through Resistance and Step Into the Next Version of You

  • The Courage to Define Motherhood for Yourself


“Susan's workshop on The 7 Subtle Signs You’re Shrinking Yourself and What To Do About Them was so eye-opening. As someone who considers herself a successful businesswoman, I was blown away by how many things I was doing that were, in fact, making me small. There are so many behaviors ingrained into my subconscious (from society's strong messaging) that it really takes stopping and reflecting to truly see them. The exercise Susan took us through of thinking about something we were avoiding and becoming aware of our physical sensations associated was super helpful. I was able to identify that feeling and when it surfaced in the past and be aware of it moving forward. Now, I am prepared to not only identify it but now put into place action steps to work through it (making an intentional choice and taking action even if it feels uncomfortable). Susan made me realize I was giving my power away by not addressing and using avoidance tactics. I could also relate to downplaying my achievements and using passive communication in my emails. I am beyond grateful for Susan's gifts that have opened my eyes to ways I can be bigger. I am over shrinking myself and will intentionally work on reversing that each day.”

Sarah Hammond, Founder, The Network of Women

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