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Hi, I'm Susan Eckstein

I'm a women's empowerment expert, certified coach, nationally known speaker, and certified facilitator. I help high-achieving women improve their mindset and own their personal power, so they can stop shrinking and have the confidence to be seen, be heard, and take up space.

My superpower is helping women unlock and change the limiting beliefs and patterns of thoughts and behaviors that are interfering with them reaching their highest potential. Whether it's inspiring audience members from the big stage, facilitating workshops, or working 1:1 with clients, leading women to show up powerfully IS MY JAM.


I'm also a three-time Ironman competitor and former certified triathlon and running coach who has coached hundreds of men and women to successfully compete in their dream athletic events. Early on in my career, I spent more than a decade in public relations, working with executives in the pharmaceutical and financial industries.


I'm the mom of two teenage boys and live in Long Beach with my husband, Tom.

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