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As a Certified Clear Beliefs Coach, Certified Group Coaching HQ Coach, and Certified Facilitator of LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY ® + Coaching, Susan partners with high-achieving women to unlock and change the limiting beliefs and behaviors that are stopping them from showing up powerfully and taking up space. Whether it’s a private coaching session or an intimate group setting, Susan makes her clients feel at ease, leading them to look inward for the answers and trust their innate wisdom. She is a master at asking questions that spark insight and a-ha moments. Her goal is always to move women forward and help them realize their highest potential. Helping women reconnect to their power is Susan’s superpower!

Private Coaching

You’re ambitious and have big goals, but you’re not being the person you need to be to achieve them. You wish you had the confidence to do the thing that scares you, but you talk yourself out of it every single time. When you see a bold and confident woman, you think to yourself, “I want what she has,” but when given the opportunity to shine, you choose to hide over standing out. And when you compare yourself to others, you never measure up. 


You’re tired of holding yourself back. You want to get out of your own way, but you don’t know how. 


You know change it’s possible and you’re ready to do the work. You just need someone to help you create the roadmap and support you along the way. 

  Here is what you get:


  • Four sessions per month

  • Strategy sessions every three months to stay on track

  • Access to me anytime

  • Custom roadmap to achieve your goals

  • Customized resources and recommendations

Women Laughing on Couch

Group Coaching

Susan runs several group coaching programs focused on women’s empowerment. If you’d like to learn more about them, please schedule a call to learn more.

"Susan is a powerhouse of a coach! She always shows up with such presence and she consistently asks powerful questions. Each session with her pushes me to reflect and consider the lens I am using to look at situations. Through this work, I gain incredible insights and perspectives that help me shift my behavior and thinking patterns. As a coach myself, I am very picky about who I work with, and Susan is one of my go-to coaches whenever I need to think something through. That is the highest compliment I can give. If you are feeling stuck or need a powerful reframe, Susan is your woman. I cannot recommend working with her enough!"

Dominique Mas, Head of Coaching & Curriculum, Medley

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