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Are you tired of squeezing yourself into a box you don't fit into? 

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Hi, I'm Susan Eckstein and I know a little something about doing hard things:

I've performed the most difficult flute concertos, completed three Ironmans despite a paralyzing fear of open water and left the corporate world to teach spin in my late-thirties. But the hardest thing I've ever done? Making the unconventional choice to have my two boys live with their dad following our divorce.

Even though this was the best arrangement for our family, it took years to release my shame and feel good about myself. Anytime I shared my children's living situation, I found myself defending my decision. I cared more about what others thoughts of me than what I thought about myself. I was disempowered, depressed and exhausted. 

I finally found the courage to take my power back: to align with my values and define motherhood for myself. Little did I know this experience would lead me to the work I do now: leading high-achieving women who are ready to break the chains of conformity find the courage to be boldly authentic and live their lives unapologetically.



The Traditional Path After Divorce

When parents divorce, moms can quickly find themselves on an emotional roller coaster: you’re living in reaction mode waiting for the other shoe to drop, letting go of traditional roles and responsibilities or taking on new ones, working to preserve the relationship you have with your kids and keeping them feeling safe and loved, and trying to blindly navigate your next move while looking like you’re ‘keeping it together.’


Oh, and did I mention the animosity you have towards your ex?


This experience can leave you feeling unsettled, anxious, drained, disappointed, ashamed, angry, and disempowered. When you’re a divorced mom, it’s common to feel like you’ve let your kids down. Even let yourself down. No one ever dreams of becoming a divorced mom and feeling all the societal stigma that goes along with that.


Compound this with all the ‘picture perfect’ families we see on social media, and well, you can feel like you’ve failed as a woman. Especially, if you’ve been striving to check off all the boxes on the motherhood scorecard society gave you the moment you became a mom. And falling short of what it says is a gold-star mother. When you feel like the world is judging you, you end up judging yourself. Big time.


Even if you felt good about yourself when you were married, how you see yourself and the dynamic you have with your children often changes after divorce.


This can be extremely uncomfortable and if you’re not careful, you can end up losing yourself, and getting stuck in a destructive pattern of self-doubt, self-loathing and feeling not good enough. And when this happens, not only do you pay a great price, but your kids end up suffering, because they‘re no longer getting the best version of you.


It doesn’t have to be this way. 

The Empowered Path After Divorce

Taking The Empowered Path After Divorce is a completely different experience. Whether you wanted the divorce or not, there is a huge opportunity for you to become more connected to who you are, and cultivate a more powerful and meaningful relationship with your children.


When I work with divorced moms, I lead them through a powerful process of self-discovery. I help you act with courage and reconnect to your power so you can release your shame, challenge your stories, change your beliefs, and embody the woman and mother you want to be.


The Empowered Path After Divorce is built on the foundation of YOUR values. We work together to define your values and identify what’s important to you as a woman and a mom. When you align with your values and live from this place, you feel confident enough to rip up society’s scorecard and define motherhood for yourself.


As moms, we get to ask, “Who do I want to be for my children? What kind of role model do I want to be for them? What are my values and how can I lead from this place? What kind of relationship do I want to have with my kids? What lessons do I want to teach them and how can I make the most of the time we have together?”


When you answer these questions, you feel empowered, happier and more confident. You feel more equipped to handle the unexpected. You learn to trust yourself and your decisions because you’re living from your values. There’s no more second-guessing. You’re aligned with what’s important to you.


And when you’re living from your values, you feel more joyful and the world gets to see the best version of you. That’s the greatest gift you can give your kids.

Work With Susan

What does it look like to take The Empowered Path After Divorce?

The Empowered Path After Divorce is a personalized 6 or 12-month 1:1 coaching program for any mom looking to create a new life for herself and show up more powerfully for her children. Building a powerful relationship with your children begins when you have an honest and powerful relationship with yourself.

When you enroll in this program, we work together to:


  • Get clarity on what’s important to you: your values, how you want to show up for your kids, how you want to feel, the vision you have for your life

  • Explore what you believe is possible for you, what you say to yourself and where you’re holding yourself back from creating the relationship you want to have with your kids

  • Release shame and learn how to trust yourself again

  • Create a plan to close the gap between who you are now and who you want to be – for yourself and for your kids

  • Identify and incorporate strategies and habits that allow you to wake up everyday feeling more confident, peaceful and joyful

Here’s what you get:


  • Two 90-minute strategy sessions (one at the start and one halfway through)

  • Three 60-minute Zoom calls per month

  • Action steps to be taken in between sessions to keep you feeling motivated and moving forward

  • Customized resources and recommendations

Ready To Get On The Empowered Path?


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Client Testimonials

Liz M., Ronkonkoma, NY

Susan holds a safe space for me that allows me to be vulnerable and honest. She guides me through the physical and emotional barriers that have held me back, freeing me to reach my goals and set even bigger ones. My work with her has taught me to understand myself on a deeper level, set healthy boundaries for myself and communicate more effectively in both my professional and personal life.

Susan H., Smithtown, NY

Susan inspires people to think about their present situation and equips them to take action. She has a unique gift of empowering people to move past their circumstances to strive for their best outcome.

Dana F., San Francisco, CA

Susan worked with me to tackle a plague of self doubt by facing reality and taking action. Her style is one of compassion, patience and reflection. She helped me set goals and move forward. With her help, I went from withdrawing to engaging in life. It's not about what Susan helps you achieve, it's that she supports your ability to allow you to achieve anything on your own.



Susan speaks about several topics including empowerment, authenticity, courage, confidence, mindset, self-sabotage, challenging societal and parenting norms, motherhood and divorce.